70 Years agoJanuary 20, 1954
By Union Fire Company No.1
January 22, 2024

The Allison Methodist Church is destroyed in a spectacular fire. The fire originated in the boiler room. The original phone call went to the Cumberland Fire Company at 11:54 P.M.. Upon arrival of the Cumberland engine, Box 23 at High and West was pulled bringing the other 4 stations.
Poor ventilation may have led to the fire being so destructive.
Not sure who would have been driving at the Cumberland...either Red Hays or Wayne Boudman...but I think Red. The Union engine would have been driven by Merl Nace. Dave Myers would have been driving the Ladder truck. Unknown on the others.
Ray Kelley (40) would have been the borough fire chief with Paul Nicholson (42) and Maynard Lebo (41) borough assistants.