70 Years ago todayJanuary 24, 1954
By Union Fire Company No.1
January 24, 2024

The Grandview Hotel at West and K Streets is destroyed in another spectacular fire just 4 days after the Allison Methodist Church fire. The location today is the town houses on the corner. The site foundation was used as a "cinder" storage pile for PennDOT for years after the fire. The picture of the people walking in the street would be looking north on West Street from the area of I or H Streets. The balcony of the building faced the Turnpike.
From what I recall, The Friendship and Good Will engines tandem pumped from the hydrant at West and K, the Union engine was on the hydrant at Spring Road and K (needed assistance with hose from the Rural engine), and the Cumberland engine was at Pitt and I Streets. The ladder truck at that time was only just delivered. The Cumberland's Ward LaFrance quad can be seen in the one picture.