60 Years ago todayMarch 12, 1964 At 0440 hours, the Cumberland and Union Companies were sent to the Carlisle Hygienic Cold Storage Facility on E
By Union Fire Company No.1
March 12, 2024

Louther Street. Upon arrival the encountered heavy smoke and an apparent well advanced fire. The other 3 Borough Companies were summoned to the scene immediately. The fire (started by errant sparks the day before during some structural work) was burning in the insulated walls and beyond. It would be several hours before control was marked.

Apparatus layout:

Cumberland's 1947 Ahrens-Fox 1000 GPM engine was soft sleeved on a hydrant across from the Sentinel Building.

The Union 1961 American LaFrance 1000 GPM engine was soft sleeved at the hydrant at Spring Garden and Louther.

The Empire Ladder Truck would be along the railroad to the rear of the building.

The Good Will 1963 Mack 1000 GPM engine was at North and Spring Garden on the hydrant.

The Friendship 1953 Pirsch 750 GPM engine was at High and Spring Garden.
Their company owned Hahn was drafting from the Letort at Louther Street.

The older water mains still existed in this area...4" and some 6". Multiple 2.5" lines were deployed on the fire. I recall 4 2.5" line lines laying down Louther Street from Spring Garden from the Union and Friendship engines. These lays were quite a distance.

The 12" water main was in the process of being installed on North Street (Bedford to County Home) and was not in service.

Several recalls occurred with this call.

Fire Chief Ray "Bun" Kelley
Assistant Fire Chief Paul Nicholson
Assistant Fire Chief Ben Beittel

Cumberland Foreman - George "Fat Pete" Peters
Union Foreman - Sam Otten

The building was rebuult and is the current Wengers Meats.