50 Years Ago This Early Morning April 18, 1973 3:47 AM A Carlisle Police officer on patrol discovered smoke coming from a residence at 116 Dickinson Ave just off N
By Union Fire Company No.1
April 18, 2023

Pitt Street. The resident was dropped off earlier by the police. Police alerted County Control and they dispatched the Union, Cumberland, and Empire Fire Companies.
The Union engine (E141) driven by Pete Peterson layed in from the hydrant at Dickinson and Pitt. The Cumberland engine (E140) driven by Dick Shughart layed in from Pitt and Louther. The Union engine was in the alley near the structure and the Cumberland engine parked at Pitt and Dickinson. Each engine company deployed 1.5” pre-connects. The fire was quickly extinguished as the residence was quite small and easily accessible. Upon entry, the body of Whitney Wells was discovered lying in bed. The entire interior was consumed with little remaining.

The Officers:

Bill Alwood Borough Chief
Mutt Eppley Assistant Borough Chief
John Ward Assistant Borough Chief
Fred Keppley Cumberland Foreman
Charlie Boyles Union Foreman
Dave Boyles Empire Foreman